Bird Barriers

Birds can be fun to watch, yet others may damage your property or become an annoyance. Pigeons roost and construct nests in open locations around homes. Bird droppings are unpleasant, acidic and unsanitary and then "The Last Straw" is the mess on vehicles or home.

Birds can be noisy and disrupt the tranquility you have worked so hard to build around your home and yard. Although some birds can be annoying, we don't desire to hurt them. We simply want to prevent the droppings and potential damage they can create around your home or business. .

The remedy is for GutterBusters to set up reliable, secure and efficient barriers that will prevent the destructive results left by our feathered friends at your home or business.  

Bird Infestation

The Roosting of birds on your roof usually indicates they are there for one of these reasons :

More Bird Mess Under Solar Panels Above Solar Panel and Bird Mess Bird Mess Under Solar Panel

In most of the situations, the damage created by birds is mainly their droppings and feces. they have an intolerable scent that you usually just steer clear of.

Another dimension to the bird infestation and droppings problem is solar panels. (Just click on 'Solar Panel Cleaning' for more information on our solar panel cleaning service)

The mess created by birds is terrible and cleaning it up is a nasty job. One really good solution is to call GutterBusters and discuss a bird barrier design specific to your needs.

Roof Top Equip. are Perfect for Nesting Birds are Drawn to these Structures May be Out of Sight to us, but Birds love these roof top systems Roof Top Units are Great Nesting Areas for Birds

Bird Droppings Under Roof Mounted Units Bird Droppings, if not cleaned up, Will Shorten the Working Life of Roof Top Equip. All Roof Top Equip. Becomes Nesting Areas for Birds More Roof Top Equip. with Bird Mess Underneath More Bird Mess Under a Roof Top A/C Unit


Attempting to prevent bird infestation by yourself is not the wisest step if you can instead work with professionals. Home remedies are seldom efficient and result in duplicating or attempting new 'Do it Yourself' methods costing you money, time and a lot of stress.

Allow GutterBusters to assist you in resolving this infestation issue for you in the most effective and most humane way possible. We have expert technicians that use reliable, effective, and humane procedures for addressing your bird infestation issue.

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