Dryer Vent Clean Out

Maintenance of your dryer will certainly assist in keeping it operating much longer. Normal upkeep should include professional cleaning of the clothes dryer venting system. 

If your clothes are taking much longer than a half-hour to dry or if the dryer is extremely warm to the touch when it is operating, it is time to clean the clothes dryer venting system.

Preventative Maintenance

The clothes dryer venting system must be cleaned annually. If you dry four or five loads daily, then the common practice is cleaning the dryer venting system every 6 months.

If you are only drying clothes once or twice a week, you could probably get by with cleaning the clothes dryer venting system about every 18 months.

For typical usage-- 2 or 3 loads two or three times weekly-- then cleaning your clothes dryer venting system once a year ought to keep it in good condition. It also helps to clean your lint catch after every use as well.

Safety Factor - Reason #1

Many of us are uninformed of the potential fire risk that a blocked and filthy clothes dryer venting system can be. However, the fact is there are more than 16,000 clothes dryer venting system fires every year. And the number continues to climb. Why? -- A lot of individuals don't know their dryer venting system has to be cleaned. They clean out their lint trap filter every now and then and think that's it. Yet the dryer venting system is where lint could actually build up and get congested. And lint is highly combustible, making up a lot of dryer venting system fires.

So take preventative action by calling GutterBusters to come out and perform an extensive cleaning of your clothes dryer venting system.

After becoming aware of the fire hazard and having GutterBusters clean out your clothes dryer venting system, you will rest easier knowing you have considerably reduced the potential of a clothes dryer venting system fire.

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