Solar Panel Cleaning

At times simple issues such as a dirty solar panel can be problematic. Knowing how to clean solar panels properly and why it is a very important part in maintaining their effectiveness and efficiency is something GutterBusters understands very well.
GutterBusters has the skills, knowledge and the technology needed to clean solar panels properly.

Array Install panels being installed Panel Array Fitting the panel

Results of Dirty Solar Panels

Dust on solar panels does a great deal more than merely make them look bad. Based on solar panel experts, “a dirt layer of just 4 gm. per sq. meter could minimize the solar power generation by up to 40 %.

Another obstacle to solar panel efficiency is our "Feathered Friends" who create incredible messes on, under and around your solar panel installation.

**If birds are an issue for your solar panels, then just click on "Bird Barriers" to learn more about barrier applications specifically for solar panel arrays.

Preventative Maintenance and Cost Savings

In considering the information so far, in as little as 2 to 3 months without cleaning your solar panels, you can see how much potential solar energy generation is lost.

Call GutterBusters today and let us assist you in setting up a preventative maintenance solar panel cleaning program and put a stop to wasted energy and improve the return on your investment.

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