Window Cleaning

Why Clean Windows?

The obvious reasons are:

Glass Maintenance helps to avoid Glass Degradation

Glass will, over time, become permeated with a variety of contaminants:

  1. Hard Minerals (Hard Water)
  2. Oxidization
  3. Acid Rain
  4. Sea Spray
  5. Over spray

Item #1, Hard Mineral or hard water is the biggest issue to most home and business owners. The need for basic glass restoration can be avoided with regular cleaning of window glass surfaces. GutterBusters recommends no less than two cleanings per year.

Understanding Glass:

Because glass is porous, you can see how it's transparent look can become obstructed with airborne pollutants and contaminates causing damage and reduced clarity.

If you are interested in a window cleaning maintenance program or even just a 'one time' cleaning, then call and have GutterBusters come out and perform a thorough window cleaning and inspection. This will extend the life of your glass investment for home and business.

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